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Website Design and Online Marketing Solutions

Fashionphix develops and maintains fashionable websites.  We coordinate photo shoots to ensure a professional image is represented. We also create print materials such as postcard mailers, linesheets, and business cards for consistent branding in person or online.

A strong web presence is crucial for every business to succeed.  Whether it is used for informational purposes to assist you with closing sales, or you intend to sell directly online, Fashionphix will ensure your company's online image is polished and your customers are motivated to complete purchases.  Click here to view websites!

Fashionphix lookbooks and linesheets are great marketing materials you can use to see patterns / colors  / or prints before or after a trade show, group looks to show how you would merchandise the collection, write orders over the phone while viewing the garments online.  Contact us for more details!

Fashionphix partners with talented photographers to provide professional photos that are great tools to assist in closing sales.


  • Buyers see garment proportions on a person

  • Show patterns, colors, and prints in accurate lighting

  • Merchandise the looks with tops, bottoms and accessories compliment one another!

Click here for more information about photoshoots.

Fashionphix e-blasts are professional email marketing campaigns used to:

  • Promote new products

  • Make customers aware of events/markets

  • Keep you top of mind!

  • Offer discounts on immediate inventory

Click here to view additional e-blasts we've done for some of our favorite clients!

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