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Stop Emailing Linesheets/Lookbooks to Buyers!

How many times have you gotten a call from a Buyer wanting to place a reorder over the phone?

ALOT of times… ALL the time…

Buyers that are familiar with the fabric and fit of your brand may just need to see what colors or prints you have available to place an order. When you have your own website, you can instantly work the order over the phone.


1. Keep your website up to date with the current linesheets, lookbooks, and colorcards for your brand/s. They should be uploaded into a password protected area of your website.

2. Ask the Buyer if they are in front of the computer. If so, tell them to open your website. Give them the password to access the wholesale area.

3. Sell by Phone - Talk through the linesheet, noting colors and desired size runs.

4. Wholesale Sales Reps can write the order for the Buyer, or allow them to fax/email it in as normal.

Note: Fashionphix can build websites for designers and manufacturers that allow buyers to complete their orders online.

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